Day 6 (Flamingo Day) and Day 7 (Leaving Rongo and Journey to Massai Mara)

The intention of day 6 was to go to Simbi Lake and look at some Flamingos, but to our dismay, there were little or no flamingos in sight. It just ended up being a nice picnic day for everyone.

When we returned to the university, I didn’t realise how emotional it would be for me as I had grown so attached to the students. They are such a nice bunch of people. They literally made my experience as amazing as it was in Rongo. I will miss them.

Day 7, we packed up and said our goodbyes to Rongo uni. I was very excited about the Mara because I had heard so much about it.

Our Journey to Narok, as usual was very bumpy as the roads outside Nairobi are just filled with tooooo many speed bumps.

We met Rufus at Kobil Filling station in Narok and he journeyed us all the way to the Mara.

The Journey there was some what of a funny one, we had like 20mins of clear smooth road, and then all of a sudden we went into this awfully rough bumpy ride, gosh that was an experience and a half. It was quite funny though, we got to see some amazing animals on the way, we saw the Zebra, antelope, Giraffe, WIld beast, monkeys and the normal cattle. I was really amazed to see the Zebra, I had never seen one before. It was just amazing to see all the beautiful creatures of God.

We arrived at our camp site after about 100mins of bumpy ride. we just off loaded our stuff and was off to the Mara. Upon getting into the gates of the Mara, there was this Mob of Massai Mara women trying to sell us stuff, it was quite scary.

The Mara was beautiful, got to see an elephant for the first time. I saw baby cubs and also saw the buffalo that was killed by lionesses earlier on in the day. It was just a beautiful day. and to round it all off, we got an amazing sunset in the evening as we were leaving the safari to go back to the camp site for the evening.


Beautiful Giraffe posing. 🙂




The elephant. Boy, this animal can eat. 🙂

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