Back In the UK

As I reminisce on the whole trip, I can not thank Peter enough for this wonderful experience. I got to visit another Country in Africa, and at the same time meet another amazing group of people.

Not only did we as a bunch of students go out to Kenya with the intention of teaching students about the importance of community media and collaborative participatory learning, I also learned a lot of stuff myself. I got to harness and develop skills I didn’t even know I had. I got to think more because I didn’t have other people to depend on, this time people were depending on me. I learnt alot about myself and I also got to get close to my peers from the University of Brighton. They are such a sweet bunch.

I  want to thank Isabelle and Rongo University for all their hospitality, they showed us immense love when we were there.

Once again, I thank you Kenya for showing me your culture, and giving me a bit on insight into your tradition. Believe it or not, I did pick up a few words in swahili while I was out there.

But, for now, I say goodbye, and cannot wait to welcome a few of you for our CM4K exhibition held here in Brighton. (Karibu Brighton)

Thank you Peter and the CM4K family. This is great work, and I hope this project continues to grow.

For now, I am signing out.

Kx :*

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