It’s  currently 7.21 in the morning (4.22am English time) and I’m sitting in a nunnery listening to birds and distant speaking. I’ve gotten so used to hearing everyone talking and laughing in the morning this is unusual…

I feel like a mix between Whoopy Gholdberg and Julie Andrews only I’m not in a light hearted family musical set in America/Austria, I’m in Rongo, Kenya and I’m tired and couldn’t find the button to turn on the boiler so I could have a warm shower. I had a cold shower and then realised the button was above my head, out of my reach.

Unlike Julie Andrews the hillls here are not alive with the sound of music. More so, they are alive with the sound of crickets, goats and the boys screaming about caterpillars.

Our coach journey here took around 9 hours, that’s longer than our entire flight (including layovers) from Heathrow to Nairobi. Our plane had films,T.V shows, games, food, drinks,  blankets and pillows. Our coach had minor concussion from smacking your head off the windows if we were on a dirt road and you weren’t paying attention.

Today after breakfast, we head to the university  to start workshops. 🙂

“You have prickely heat because it’s hot and you’re  a prick”

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