Day 11, 29th


Today we arrived at Rongo University, very excited to see our friends. After breakfast we got straight into planning the day. We already knew that we were going to the local school at lunchtime, so we just planned how best to share the cameras and take photos. After a slight delay (which in Kenya is a common thing) we headed to the local school. It was delightful to see the children ready to perform their culture. The singing and dancing was beautiful, the students took some really great photos and really took onboard the theme. After an hour of playing with the children and getting them hyper on sweets, we left for lunch. In the afternoon we looked over the photos and the group ran a photoshop lesson, during this afternoon I went off with other students to revise for a coming exam. I did pop in to see the group a few times and check on the project, safe to say the where fine without me.

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