Day 10, 28th


Today we left our accommodation at 8.30am we headed to Rongo for breakfast; afterwards we went to the practical media rooms and met our cohorts. It was far more relaxed this time, maybe because we knew what we had ourselves in for, or maybe just because Rongo has such a calm atmosphere. Firstly, we introduced ourselves to each other; we then started talking about each other’s skills within photography. We decided to leave the room and get ‘hands on’ the cameras. We felt a good way to keep the atmosphere relaxed, would be to use each other as models, this released any tension and made the day far more fun. After lunch, as a group we decided on a theme for the next days shoot. The theme was about how local school children from the luo tribe are keeping their culture alive through singing and dance. Moreover, as we had covered the basics of photography by lunchtime, we decided to set another theme for the afternoon. The students told us about a local gold mine and how the men and women of the community were getting exploited by buyers who pay them so little. We felt this liked to our core value of community. The gold mine was amazing, it was said to see such basic conditions for the community would work seven days a week, digging and panning for gold. As a group we felt we could create a digital story of photographs, the students followed the process of digging, to washing the gold. It was a great experience to witness and I felt it set us up for the next day.

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