First proper working day in Kenyetta University

After spending sometime discussing the workshops yesterday evening in our living place, today is the first day we actually run the designed workshops. With a early start, it has been a long day really. When our mini van arrived and drove into the Kenyetta University, the first impression it gives me was it is a massive university comparing to ours. I think you can hardly see such a big leisuring ground available in the UK. Right after the stunning feeling it gives me, we walked to the hall start listening to few brief talks by the representatives from both institutions. From these speeches, I see how both institutions are benefiting differently from their perspectives.

Having a nice tea break afterwards, we started working with a groups of students who are really enthusiastic in the radio sector. I can feel their enthusiasm for audio and radio. It leads to me thinking of where’s my enthusiasm gone when I first chose to study Media overseas in the UK. I feel ashamed when some of them saying that they really like acting or want to get into the film/ radio industry, cause they said this in a way that you can see ‘fire burning’ hugely in their eyes. Two of the students later on have a little argument (or maybe I should call it a keen discussion) on whether radio production should focus on political issues or sociable issues like relationship and sex. Through this discussion, it is an example showing us radio is definitely a place, a platform and a field to include different people’s thoughts and opinion. There’s definitely no right or wrong answer of what should be broadcasted on the radio.

Today’s workshop also includes a little introduction of the Zooms and activities for the student to play around with it. I can see how happy the student are when they are able to deal with the basic cutting and pasting of the recordings and manage to put them in the right order. Lastly, the audio workshop ends up with some plannings being done on what topics to focus on when we are going to do the recordings and information collections in Ngong tomorrow for the establishment of the community media centre.

After all today, I looking forward to keep working with the audio group of students in the following two days. They are so nice and I do feel we are collaborating with each other. Even through sometimes I am not hundred percent sure the answer of the questions that they asked me, they didn’t turn a black eye on me and was trying to discuss, find and work out the answer together with me which makes me feel not that embarrassing and warm to work with.

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