Gold mining in Poverty

On day 2 at Rongo University we were waiting for everyone to be ready so myself, Maddy and Jen decided instead of wasting time to begin setting up the editing software we would be using, as we knew we would be pressed for time to do it later. However due to technical difficulty we were unable to set it up and later resulted in using Peters laptop to edit.

We then travelled to the Gold mines, which was really interesting I didn’t know the process of it and after going there and hearing peoples stories I feel making our group documentary on it was worth while. As we were pushed for time we began filming B-roll and then did an interview with a lady who worked there, as she was working to making the viewers who might not know the process see it first hand. As she didn’t speak English we agreed to add subtilise during the editing. After we had done this we began the presenting of the introduction and conclusion, I feel this all went well and according to schedule however towards the end we suggested what they could do to help speed up the process and they didn’t listen but we decided to let them get on as it was their documentary not ours. We then came back and uploaded all our footage to Peters computer and began editing whilst showing them what we were going to do and asking them what they wanted us to do. Due to time constraints we couldn’t do a editing tutorial on the projector like we first planned however due to the other group having technically difficulty they joined ours and it became a editing tutorial, which worked out well for them as they would be editing the next day and then new what to do. After cutting it, putting it in order, adding transitions, music, ect, we all watched it back and liked it. Although due to technically difficulty again the music didnt import properly but now we are home we can fix it and export to youtube after doing this we will send them the link. In the future we should take more laptops with the correct editing software on it, but it all worked out in the end.

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