Deputy Governor and Lake Victoria

We went to meet the Governor but he was in Nairobi that day so we ended up having a meeting with the Deputy Governor which was interesting and we told him what we were doing and how we were helping. 

When we came back to the school we had little to do as we had finished our film and the other group had the computer, the night before we had a discussion on what to do the following day an our idea was to swap the video and photography groups around so they could teach each other the skills they learnt, however by this point the photography team were not finished yet so we had to improvise, Jen decided we would teach our group stop motion some wanted to learn this others did not, so we just carried on with the ones who did teaching them the basic skills of stop motion, after we played around we uploaded them so they could see what they had done.

The following day we all went to a community near Lake Victoria, we got off to a shaky start as there weren’t many people there due to a lack of communication however they went to find people in order for our time travelling there to be put to some use. After they found people we began our meeting, we filmed it during the speeches, as everyone discussed how we could all help. After this the people split into two groups and as we were there just to observe, we filmed what the were talking about. This was interesting to watch, as we had come to teach and engage with them and we got to see what they had learnt from us not just media skills but communication as well.

We then went down to Lake victoria and as i had a tummy upset and didn’t want to make it even worse i dipped my toe in! After this is was our last night in Rongo which was sad but we will all stay in touch through facebook.

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