“If you can manage information you can manage the world” Dimitri- Director of UN Volunteers program

Today was full of interesting, challenging and engaging issues. Despite the fact that the quote above was taken from the UN Volunteers programme leader, for the most part we focused on the opposite of volunteering. A ‘partnership’ was formed between those from Brighton and our Kenyan partners. Note I’m avoiding the word leaders here to describe us, as I feel it is unfitting due to the mutual exchange of cultures, ideas and skills that today presented. Although we did lead the technical side of the training, what I found interesting was the unexpected amount I learnt from our partners. For example the formality of the day’s introductory speeches, alongside William’s comment that they “dress smartly because [they] recognise the occasion”, suggested not only how formal the Kenyan culture seems to be, and how important this training is for self development, but also towards developing their country’s engagement with social media at large. Therefore referring back to Dimitri’s idea that suggests the importance of presenting and sharing information coherently with and across nations. This ability to express one’s self through social media is, he implies, the basis for growth and development in many different aspects of Kenyan life.

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