Long road to Kenya

Out of any airport to be spending a few hours in order to catch a transfer flight, Zurich airport appears like one of the most glamourous locations. This illusion was quickly shattered however when we realized that all the shops, bars, resteraunts (including Burger King)  shut very soon after our arrival and that we would be spending the night hungry on uncomfortable seats in an airport lounge. After the initial few hours were spent using the wide space hula hopping, doing yoga and telling each other our most intimate secrets, the hours following that were filled with frustration and moans about our lack of sleep and the discomfort caused by the waiting lounge. Regardless, we made it onto the plane where Swiss Air provided an excellent service with a wide selection of films and tv shows (Absolutely Fabolous!!!) and probably the best plane food I’ve ever had, and 7 hours  later we arrived in Nairobi.  We all squeezed into a very small van and  arrived at our final destination for the night, Hartebeest camphouse where we celebrated our arrival with a few cold drinks in their beautiful back garden.  The night was spent entangled in a mosquito net before we awoke early to start our day of planning. The planning process yet longwinded was also very useful as it gave us an idea of what to expect and what is expected from us. Here service-based learning is put into reality amongst our own community, for me at least, as I learnt more ways to effectively storyboard. After a trip to a Kenyan supermarket for our lunch break, we finalised tomorrows programme with Willice and are (hopefully) now all set for the workshops we will be facilitating throughout the next couple days.

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