Arrived safely

We all arrived in Nairobi last night all very tired and very smelly! We had a 12 hour stop over in Switzerland which was interesting to say the least. It’s was my birthday on the day we left so when we arrived at Switzerland we ran all over the airport looking for a place to get a birthday drink. Unfortunately everywhere was ‘just closing’ even the food places. We were forced to wait around for 12 hours to catch our connecting flight, so we all sat in the airport and got to know each other a lot better. The plane journey to Nairobi was actually very nice ad I managed to get a few hours of sleep. When we all arrived we moved into our rooms and had a few drinks to wind down after the journey and then all went to bed. The real challenge of the evening was the mosquito nets! Struggling to stay under the nets while sleeping was the biggest challenge yet! We all finally got to bed with an early wake up.
We have spent day two preparing for the first workshops in the United Nations. We have spent the entire day preparing and mapping out how we are going to present the workshop to the students. It’s all really exciting and I now can’t wait to get to tomorrow and get started. Today we also had our first outing to the supermarket where I found some Romancy Cream biscuits that I always have when I visit South Africa. Everyone is very tired but excited to get everything rolling tomorrow.

One comment on “Arrived safely

  1. I hope you had a good birthday Boarders and didn’t miss me too much. I’m glad you have internet and can stay in contact with your phone too and are making sure i’m kept up to date! Apparently I wouldn’t be able to cope with the toilets haha. Hope the workshop goes well and you don’t scare any of the students, i’m sure it will be a success.

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