The Kenya countdown

This is the first time I’ve used WordPress so I’m just trying to familiarise myself with it (not even sure if I’m posting this in the right place) but I thought best get to know it before we arrive in Nairobi on Wednesday!

Our meeting on Thursday (2nd) was useful in making a list of things I still need to go shopping for e.g. Insect repellent. But also having sat down with Angela and her detailed training manual on Premier I feel confident that I will be able to use the manual to help train out in Kenya. As I was unfamiliar with the software things that seemed obvious to Angela, Maddy and Lucy weren’t so for me, and this could be the case in Kenya. Angela had to make some amendments, after our dummy run so I think both parties benefited.

The trip really seems to have come around quickly (probably to do with the Christmas break). Having read through the schedule I’m excited to get there and get stuck in, to put faces to names and start turning our ideas into reality. Although we have to get over the first hurdle of the 12 hour layover before then!

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