Countdown begins for our next collaboration in Kenya

For the first time Community Media 4 Kenya’s capacity building workshops form part of the curriculum. This means that the community-based learning that previous students have engaged in after their course has finished has now been formally acknowledged and recognised by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Brighton.

10 students & I leave on Tuesday for Kenya. We will run community media workshops in Nairobi (similar to last year’s work) in partnership with International Youth Council (Kenya), UN Volunteer Programme/Habitat & Accord. We then travel on to Rongo, where we will collaborate with the University College there in facilitating training and Community Media Centre development workshops (and meetings with community leaders and politicians) before returning to Nairobi for a community digital photography and story-telling workshop with marginalised communities.

Please feel free to promote this blog to anyone who might be interested in its content. All comments to our blogs will be welcomed. Internet connectivity in the surrounding villages of Rongo will be limited and so some reports might be delayed during these days but the students will write their blogs up every day and post them when connectivity permits.

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