Reflections on my experience in Kenya

On my last day in Kenya I spent the day on safari with Callum, Rosie, and Peter. It was such a fantastic day to see the variety of the Kenyan wildlife, as well as a way to wrap up my experience in Kenya. It put the opportunity and experience that I have been given and worked for into perspective, as I have been extremely lucky to have traveled to and around Kenya, meet selfless, genuine people, teach university students, seen upcoming development projects, been a part of another culture, and to experience a safari. 

This experience has taught me how rewarding it is to engage in communities, to be a part of growth and development within the community, but also, and maybe more importantly, individual lives. It is individuals who work together to help one another and pass that help on to other people who work towards the bigger picture. It was because of individuals that I met in Kenya and their hopes and dreams, that communities were able to form, grow, and engage with other peoples hopes for their communities, and actually make change for the better.

This opportunity also gave me a chance to go out of my comfort zone, not only in the sense of engaging with communities in Kenya, but also travelling with people who I wouldn’t usually travel with, and being put in a situation where I have to believe in myself. When arriving back from Kenya I started a full-time job. I felt that from going out of my comfort zone in Kenya, I was comfortable going out of my comfort zone once more when entering a new environment – the work environment! This experience has made me believe in myself when faced with an unfamiliar situation, and have more confidence in who I am and what I am capable of. 

Going to Kenya is an experience that I will always remember and treasure, and hopefully apply to my everyday life and future career in helping others. 

One comment on “Reflections on my experience in Kenya

  1. A great final blog Laura…..always nice to challenge yourself by getting out of your comfort zone. I’m so glad you enjoyed the experience and will draw from it in your future endeavours.

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