Preparing to return to the UK

Well today is the final day of the trip. We catch the flight to Gatwick (via Dubai) at 10.50 this evening.

Yesterday was a very relaxed day — probably the only one we’ve had on the entire trip. The students grabbed a bit of a lie in and most of the day was spent packing and chilling with a book in the Hartebeest garden. In the evening we met up with Willice & Gordon for an informal meeting to discuss future plans over a meal and drinks. We spent an enjoyable 2-3 hours in their company reflecting on the workshop; the trip as a whole and how to proceed from here. We retuned to Hartebeest at about 9pm — enjoyed our final Tuskers for an hour or so — and went to bed.

This morning has been much like yesterday — finalising our preparations to travel to the airport and relax reading our books. At about 3.30 we will head up to the cinema, which is about 2 blocks away, to watch the newly released ‘The Lone Ranger’ before heading back for a bite to eat and then the airport.

A lot has been achieved during this trip and the students and I will reflect on this in posts from the UK. As with the previous trips the students have behaved impecably and have engaged in the true spirit of the venture. I am extremely proud of them all. It has been a pleasure to work with them!

Callum, Rosie, Laura & Peter - CM4K team 2013

Callum, Rosie, Laura & Peter – CM4K team 2013

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