Masi Mara!

Today we left early for the Masi Mara we travelled 5 hours out of Nairobi until ashvalt met dirt track, the first thing we did was to enter the Masi village on the outskirts of our camp. The Masi are an incredible tribe, the most awsome thing that we learnt was that at 15 a Masi boy is strewn to the wild along with other boys in the village his age. They live from 3-5 years in the wild and towards the end of their time they must hunt and kill a lion to prove their manhood.

After watching and dancing along with the Masi men as well as visiting their homes it was straight to bargaining for trinkets. I snagged myself a lions tooth and a necklace for 2,000 KSH and a rubber braclet with the colours of the Kenyan flag and the words ‘Learn, Empower, Grow’ on it. We had ordered them before coming.

After visiting the Masi village on the first day we went on an evening game drive. We saw Gazelles, Zebra’s, Elephants and Hyenna’s but the highlight was unquestionably watching a 16 strong pride of lions and lionesses wake up from a long day nap and play with their cubs. Their beauty was astounding. Then it was back to the camp for sleep.

We woke early the next morning ready for a second drive. On this drive we saw Topie, Ggazelles a plenty, Zebra’s a plenty and a huge heard of elephants as well as large grouping’s of wildebeast and various other animals preparing for migration. We visited the hippopotamus at a hotel lake and saw a crane as well as many other wonderful birds. Then as we were travelling back and Peter was just saying how much he would love to see a cheetah, one just strolled out of the thicket onto the path in front of us. We couldn’t believe our luck, the cheetah posed for a few pictures and then strolled back into the grass to find a nice spot of shade under a tree. Magnificent.

Heading back to Nairobi now where Laura will be getting ready to go back to the U.K. It will be sad to see her leave, it has been great working with such an enthusiastic person even with all her famous toilet breaks. I didn’t think Londiani could be topped but the Mara was another overwhelming and unforgettable experience. I’m extremely grateful for such an incredible opportunity, it will be hard to re-adjust to life back in the U.K.  

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