Wow! Feeling elated and overwhelmed by the children and staff at King’sWay preparatory school in Londiani. A four and a half hour journey by car brought us to Londiani and to the school. We were greeted at the gates by staff and a chorus of beautiful school children dancing, clapping and singing the words “Welcome, welcome we love our visitors.” From the moment we entered it was impossible to withold from smiling the whole time, we dropped off two boxes of books and sweets for the children.

Then it was a tour around the school grounds, we visited each classroom to the sound of children singing. In year one Peter was in despair at the sight of a young school girl wearing an arsenal beanie, so to even the balance whilst taking photos Peter got them to replace “cheese” with a “Chelsea!”

What struck me was how much had been done with so little and how much the smallest contribution could benefit the school out here. This has been the best day in Kenya thus far. Beautiful countryside, Beautiful culture, Beautiful people.

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