Workshop day 3

Today was a slightly more lax workshop day, having edited the short documentaries from yesturday’s workshop in the morning we all watched the two films on the the projector together. I was bowled over by both final products of each group. With basic equipment and under extreme time both groups had produced two pieces of work that had strong narratives, a good sense for structure and a sense for composition in shots that had clearly been well thought out. Ofcourse there were minor technical glitches and mistakes in the pieces however after a critical reflection session it was apparant that the students saw and understood how these imperfections could be resolved, the main factor being time in both cases.

After a teabreak we spoke about social networking and delivering materials online via various websites such as google docs, wordpress and Facebook. I think the most vital tool online will be the google docs share space. From here students can work together over a distance once they return to their individual homes. I hope that the importance of a network between all the websites through sharing is understood and sustained.

After these tutorial sessions we wrapped up for the day, Willice gave an excellent final speech which I was gutted to miss the beginning of, however I felt the most important sentiment was heard. Willice quoted bernard shaw along the lines of expressing that the youth not the older generation will be the pioneers of change.

Reflecting on the past three days I am confident that this sentiment will not be lost on the students we worked alongside. I look forward to being party to and seeing the ideas expressed in the workshops fulfilled and the project evolve outside of the hill park hotel. After lunch we had a final photo and exchanged details with all the students. I am proud of what we have achieved.

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