Workshop day 2

Today was another busy workshop day. Myself Laura and Rosie were left to conduct the workshops. We began with a short presentation briefly outlining the order of the day. We explained that today we would be combining the practises we learnt on the first day to produce a focussed piece of work, a documentary that persued the issues prevelant to to them as discussed in the morning sessions the day before.

To try and hone ideas in the morning we split the students into two groups assigning each individual a role within the group. The five roles were director, producer, camera operator, researcher/interviewer and editor. After assigning roles within the group we got them to mindmap their ideas for their documentaries.

Out of the mindmap the two focussed subjects emerged, ‘youth unemployment’ and ‘deploying CMC’s’. After a short break we got straight into production. It was impressive to see the level of proffessionalism from the students.

After tea came post-production editing. Eager engagement only escalated further as the day went on. I’m pleased with what we have all achieved today, I feel I learnt more from the students then I could teach them which made me eager to increase my efforts throughout the day.

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