Video production training – Workshop day 2

The 2nd day of the Community Media Capacity Building workshops became CMC Day for the participants. Community Media Centres provided the focus for the video training. In what was to prove to be an eventful day the students took the participants through an introduction to video, which included pre-production, production & post-production; different types of shots and angles and framing the shot.

I was taken off for a meeting with the Principal and Dean of a Kenyan university who are interested in developing a media studies partnership (practice and theory) with the University of Brighton and the students split the participants up into two production groups and started to go go through mind-mapping processes with them in order to generate the ideas for the story-boarding for the videos.

Mind-mapping and story-boarding with Laura

Mind-mapping and story-boarding with Laura

As the students continued to facilitate the participatory video training the Principle outlined his vision of setting up a community media centre facilitated by students and staff but designed to engaged with and support farmers, women’s groups, youth groups, HIV & drugs awareness outreach activities and much much more. He stated that he’d been impressed with the workshop and would like to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding in which staff and student exchanges from Media studies could be introduced and in which we could pursue joint research funding bids. There was an exciting exchange of ideas and hopes as to how this might be achieved and I will be bringing back my thoughts on the meeting and discussing them with my line managers before we proceed but next year’s student trip to Kenya might be another small step toward this exciting partnership.

On the down side I missed a concealed step, twisted my ankle which caused a significant amount of pain. I received a massage from a physio (which hurt like hell). After taking the pain killers and anti-inflammatories that I took (good risk assessment & H&S training) and resting it up all night….the swelling is reducing and whilst still painful…..I suspect all will be well in a couple of days. Right now however, I’m doing a pretty good impression of hop-a-long Cassidy ;-).

The rest of the afternoon proceeded through intensive video production training and the day came to a close with both teams having completed their videos. These will be shown in plenary in the morning and then posted to Vimeo with links posted on this site……enjoy.

Rosie & Dennis watch the shoot

Rosie & Fred watch the shoot

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