Empowerment through CMCs video production

After todays workshop it really hit home how hard it is for lecturers to engage and get interaction amongst students in lectures. Giving a little motivation, I’ve noticed from today, goes a long way. The first day of the workshop displayed a hidden sense of enthusiasm as people seemed to be less inclinded to contribute through keeping thoughts to themselves. However, from today the students displayed a keen sense of interaction and communication between not only the teachers and students but amongst the students themselves. The willingness to learn and develop skills, knowledge and understanding for the media equipment and software was inevitably noticeable.

Putting together ideas and understanding for the pre production of the video allowed the students to show their ideas and collaborate effectively. The idea to produce a video production surrounding empowerment shown through the use of a community media centre (CMC) was cleverly thought out and developed into a storyboard. The team began to quickly get involved in shooting the video and sharing the responsibility of the different roles, allowing everyone to have an experience of each role.

The main aspect of the workshop so far is the benefits that can be seen that have been adapted to the ideas and aspirations that can be taken on after within their local communities. After speaking to the group I was working with today I am really looking forward to hearing the reflection on the workshop as a whole and how everyone, including us, have benfited. Bring on tomorrow!

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