The day is here :)

The phrase hakuna matata has never had more relevance. As I have been relatively busy the past few weeks the day of leaving has krept up on me! Packing has been easy but Hollie has scared me because I seem to have a lot more room in my bag than her. Maybe outfit changes are less important, maybe I’m better at packing, maybe I’ve forgotten everything. Either way, it’s too late now.


I’m really excited about meeting everybody that has supported our planning processes while have been in England and all the lovely people we are staying with and places we are staying! Thank you to all of you in advance.

As soon as we can (internet connection provided) we will upload some photos so you can see all the exciting things we are doing. I’m really looking forward to seeing our lesson plan and power point in action! I also hope that we can leave that work behind and it will be useful in the future.


See you all soon and keep reading our blogs pleeease 🙂

4 comments on “The day is here :)

  1. Nice blog Emma……I’ve just finished packing…..I hope you guys have space…..I have so much kit to take. see you at Gatwick 😉

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