The day has finally arrived!! :D

It’s here! In a couple of hours we will be winging our way to Kenya! I must admit I am a bit too excited, just want to be there already. As always I am not completely ready (keep taking stuff out and then putting stuff back into my backpack) but I’m nearly there…

As Abi said yesterday we have already prepared lesson plans and a power point and we will be adding more to them on the plane and on the stop over in Dubai. I can’t wait to meet all the people involved in the projects and to see all the places we are scheduled to visit. I just hope that we can help in any way we can whilst we are out there.

I will try and upload pictures as soon as I can so show everyone what it is like and keep everyone updated on our adventure.

One comment on “The day has finally arrived!! :D

  1. Well done Hollie……I know the feeling…..I’ve only just finished packing…..and I had some help πŸ˜‰ See you soon.

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