Days 10, 11 & 12: Boat Trip and Safari Weekend

It was the weekend so we had no work to do, so we went off on a (very) authentic boat trip on Lake Lolwe (this is the pre-colonial name for Lake Victoria which I’m trying to use). I don’t know what we were expecting but the boat was honestly falling to pieces. I think we would have been more scared if we didn’t find it so hilariously absurd! I really enjoyed the experience of being on the lake, the views were beautiful and there was something quite freeing about being exposed to the elements. Admittedly we did have to turn back early because the boat started taking on water, but we won’t dwell on that!

The next day we set off on a long drive, saying goodbye to The Treat Resort and Rongo, off on our Safari.

The safari was an incredible experience, we saw so many animals in such a stunning landscape. In one of the most surreal experiences of the whole trip, we did encounter a particularly nasty breed of Italian human pigs, but I won’t go into that! There’s not too much else to say about these 2 days which can’t be said in the pictures below, but after another morning of safari we set off on (another) long drive through Nairobi and to our final destination Machakos. We were welcomed by our hosts and went straight to sleep, preparing for our final day.

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