1st weekend days 4 – 5: January 21st – 22nd

I loved our first weekend in Kenya, and even now after the trip I remember it being one of the happiest times away for me. Even though our bus journeys were long, hot, and SO bumpy, I just loved watching life out the window, and felt so free to be on the road again, moving from place to place. On Saturday we visited an ancient village which was interesting, but I think our picnic all sitting under a big tree was my favourite part because that’s when, for me at least, we really started feeling like a team. I also loved seeing the bats in one of the homes, they were flitting around our heads, and I’d never seen them so up close before. As a nature lover, seeing and experiencing the wildlife was one of the best parts of the trip for me. So, seeing wild Lesser Flamingos free and happy in their natural habitat on Sunday was a huge highlight for me. I could have sat watching them all day. On our drive back to the hotel on Sunday we also stopped at Homer Bay, which I wish we could have spent more time at. The hustle and bustle of this busy fishing bay was magical, and the Marabou Storks as tall as people were practically other-worldly! I was truly encapsulated, but we didn’t stop for long, and then it was time for the sugar cane…

Views of Kenya. (21/01/2023)
Team picnic. (21/01/2023)
Lesser Flamingos! (22/01/2023)
I could have watched them all day. (22/01/2023)
Homer Bay. (22/01/2023)

I’ll never get over the sheer irony of the sugar cane. Having passed so many fields of it over the last few days, I was so curious to try it, and had seen people do so in documentaries, so surely it was okay right? Jerry thought so, so he happily got us some to try. It was my idea, I was so excited, and worst of all – I loved it! But wow, was that one epic mistake!

Don’t do it Katy! (22/01/2023)
Noooooo! (22/01/2023)

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