January 27

Today was the exhibition day. We were supposed to be there by 10:00 and finish at 1:00… and you’ll never guess what happens next.

After arriving at 12:30, we set up the cameras and audio equipment with the Rongo students so we could film the exhibition. It was a mix of speeches and the school’s students skits. I enjoy collaborating with the students, and so I am glad that we got to do that, especially today.

Government officials, staff, as well as Peter and Jerry all spoke at the event. It was very hot, so we all sat under big striped tents that were positioned opposite of each other. We ate afterwords and left pretty soon after we finished eating. We had to drop off the students and staff we had picked up.

We ate dinner with the Rongo students and said our goodbyes. I really enjoyed working with them, and so we hugged and took pictures before we got into the van to go back to the hotel.

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