Day 8

Today is exhibition day! We picked up the students and teachers who were performing on the way… when we arrived, there was a big field at the first primary school we visited earlier in the week.

The community were also there under a coloured tent, with another opposite. The children stood at the front and showed us the science program they had been working on – electric controlled trucks! Again, we set up ready to film the event.

Next, speeches were given by government officials and the chief. The schools then gave their performances, which were even better than they were the day before!

Finally it finished with Peter and Jerry giving talks.

I found this day very emotionally draining. The issues approached (early marriage, child pregnancy, child labour) were very very hard. Listening to children speak about and make light of these was just surreal. They shouldn’t even know what theses issues are let alone have to deal with them AND try to make people laugh when talking about them. This has definitely been the hardest day for me.

We headed back to the uni for dinner, and said our final goodbyes to the Rongo students. I was given a beautiful basket by one of the students (Antony). I feel so grateful to have met these people, I can say for sure this experience will change me.

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