Day 6

This morning was frustrating. We were behind schedule and waited around at the university for so long! We wanted to get down to the community to continue the work as soon as possible.

Once at the community, we were in much higher spirits. We took our packed lunch to share in true Cham Gi Wadu style – share with your neighbour!

We continued the radio meeting from the day before, except with members of the community there. They asked to start with a word of prayer, as they say that this opens ways.

It is a shared opinion between the community that the time it’s taking to create this station is very frustrating.

One by one, the community explained the benefits of community radio to the area. These were: allowing them to reach media for issues they face, jobs for the youth, helping all of sub county Rongo, enabling mass communication to people, allows condemning of bad behaviour, children can access more information, idea sharing and finally, to allow them to live “free of fear”.

Hearing their reasoning really sat with me. Understanding and seeing the day to day life these people live through really puts into perspective as to how lucky I am. Seeing how strong these people are makes me so excited for the things they will achieve through working together.

The chief joined us later in the day; he told us to feel at home in his community even though we are far from our own. I just love how eager these people are to share everything!

He explained how the people are so excited and ready for the station. He wants to raise issues such as child labour, early marriage and pregnancies and school drop outs.

During this process, we worked in our teams from the first day to record this process. Some students wanted to learn new skills and switched groups, I found it truly amazing to see our classroom knowledge play out in real life through this project. The students were teaching each other how to use the Zoom audio recorders through their own interests. I feel the process of learning these things together has really brought us together as a group and kept the laughter rolling from the first day.

On the way back, we stopped at a school and spoke to both parents and children. I loved seeing the snippet of their culture. The children were so smiley and happy, it was amazing to speak to them!

When we turned the corner round the back of the school, we were greeted by the community cheering. I was mesmerised by the sound they made, it was a high pitched sound that they made by moving their tongues. I just wish we had longer to speak to them. I would’ve loved to hear more about their personal lives!

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