January 21 & 22

The weekend was glorious. Both morning Emily and I woke up really early and went to lay by the pool to swim and read. Seriously my idea of a perfect morning.

On Saturday, we went to a museum. It was supposed to be a 2 hour drive, and we were supposed to leave at 11 but left at 12:30. The drive was more eventful than what I thought it was going to be. After we turned off the main road, it was just sharp rocks paving our way. At least that’s what it felt like, especially for the people in the back on the van. We held our breath a couple of times as we all thought we were going to get stuck, but thankfully we didn’t. I feel sorry for Emily and Libby who I was sitting in between ; because the van had to drive so slowly there was no breeze, so I was so sweaty. I felt like I was some awful pin ball of stickiness ricocheting off between the two of them.

Again, the grueling travel proved to be worth it in end. The picnic we had was sensationally idyllic. We ate samosas and donuts in the shade under a tree and reveled the cool breeze.

It was really interesting to hear about another culture and way of life from someone in that community. We were learning about the Lou tribe and how they lived back in the 14th century. We were thrilled about a huge bird nest, which I don’t think our guide really understood. Also, Anya and and Ellie were enthralled with the bats that were in one of the replica houses. Maybe I’m paranoid but being that enclosed with a bat freaked me out.

The ride back was long but we took a different way back so it wasn’t as rocky (haha). We played a serious game of Irish snap that gathered several onlookers, probably because we were all shouting and smacking our foreheads. Finally, we went to sleep, exhausted.

On Sunday we went to see Lake Simbi and see flamingos. It was overcast and cool and it was so beautiful. Seeing flamingos, real life wild flamingos, was so incredible. We sat and gazed at the flamingos as one of the locals told us the mythology about how the lake was formed. Getting to share the space with the locals and the flamingos was so special. It was a chill day but one of my favorites so far.

We ran pretty on time that day (shocking) other than leaving late. It was such a good day.

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