Day 6 – Cham Gi Wadu meeting with the chief

It would seem that sugar cane had an ulterior motive, as one by one, we seem to be falling! We left the hotel much earlier today to meet the community in Cham Gi Wadu, but had to wait a while at Rongo University due to difficulties with the transport. Once on our way, we collected the Rongo students and shared food out to the community. We set up the audio and video and recorded members of the Cham Gi Wadu community talking and explaining why they feel they would benefit from the community radio. The chief joined later and said that they were ready and eager and couldn’t wait any longer. I feel these words are important as it shows their eagerness right from the source. We visited a local school on the way back to Rongo uni. I felt quite torn here – the community and the students gave such a warm welcome and sat us on chairs whilst they sat on the floor. Whilst I appreciated their warmth, I couldn’t help thinking about how we ‘welcome’ people back home, shutting off our borders to those in need. It was very eye-opening and in future I would like to do what my gut tells me and sit on the floor with everyone 😊

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