Day 2 & 3 – Weekend Adventures!

What a weekend spent discovering Kenya’s sights! We began with a long, bumpy ride to the archeological site of Thimlick Ohinga – thankfully the bus survived it! Though the anthropological history was incredible to learn about, I was distracted by the colony of bats in the ‘first wife’s’ bedroom. They were rascals to photograph and film but a few of us hung back and, with patience, Ellie managed to capture a beautiful photo! We also spotted a couple of nests, huge clusters in the trees belonging to hamerkops! Along the walk through the settlements were swallowtails, but sadly no sightings of monkeys. The following day, a long journey to Lake Simbi paid off as we witnessed a group of wild flamingos wash and feed on algae. A few local folk told us tales about the lake and how it came to be. Fascinatingly, no animals survive in Lake Simbi. Besides the algae, there is no life! Around the lake, it was thriving however, with cattle and many birds, big and small. We stopped off at Homa Bay, walking down a jetty on Lake Victoria. We could just distinguish mountains in the distance, across the largest lake in Africa. The marabout storks were fascinating to watch, perched in trees, on telephone poles, flying above us, and walking the streets, shoulder height with passers by. Finishing by watching the sunset, it’s fair to say we each felt particularly mesmerized by Kenya after this weekend.

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