Day 15

Breakfast was toast and scrambled egg! The cooks have started putting the Weetabix directly in front of my place as im the only one who eats it everyday. I will really miss the breakfasts here.

Not much for me to do today as I’m up to date on all my blogs and work. I created a PowerPoint resource (available on student central) for Ayu, Nat and Peter mainly to look at. As it summarises all of our fieldwork trips so far accompanied with pictures that I’ve taken.

Something that I have noticed by working by myself during the editing process is how much everything is slowed down by waiting for people. The work we are doing works like a chain and often one group can’t complete their work until they have collected something from another group. Or someone can’t move on until they’ve spoken to Peter but his too busy to see them straight away. Accompanied with the fact that the internet seems to break every 15 mins it makes things take ridiculously long. If we were here longer I would suggest revaluating how we go about editing and also prioritising work but seeing as the presentation to the community is tomorrow this seems a bit irrelevant now.

I suggested doing the raffle today as we have had them ready since yesterday but again I was told that we needed to wait for Jerry to do this. I hope we have time tomorrow as I think it will be a busy day but I have learnt that things being organised last minute seems to be the Kenyan way. Classroom work is so draining I’m glad its our last day doing it! At least with fieldwork you have stimulation from other people and your walking round keeping active with fresh air.

For now, I’m just hoping its an early dinner so I can head back to the pastoral centre early and wash some of my clothes ready to pack in my bag tomorrow evening as we leave for the Masai Mara early Thursday Morning.

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