26.01.2018 – Luca

I haven’t got a great deal to report on today I am afraid, but I shall start with last night!

When we arrived back at the accommodation, I spoke with Peter about when I had mentioned in my blog yesterday that I was worried the audio and video groups did not have enough time to edit. He spoke with those involved, and took my point on board so that today we had another day of editing, rather than fieldwork. It is a shame that we couldn’t go out and gather more content, however I think it is incredibly beneficial for us to have this additional edit time and I think that we all agree it is the best decision. The best time to do it is now, as even though it is an option to continue the work when we arrive back in England, the process will be longer as we all have our dissertations, work, and classes – so finding time over the next few months may prove troublesome. Also, it’s really great to be able to work with the Rongo students and receive their feedback.

At the University this morning I met the sweetest little pup, I think I have fallen in love! Angel named her Nancy, and she’s just so adorable. I haven’t seen Mama much, but we are pretty certain it’s one of her puppies. I’m a person that prefers animals over people (haha, I am an introvert at heart), so it’s very therapeutic to have a little downtime and relax with a companion, mind you I already feel sad that I’ll be leaving the dogs next week. Here is the photo of the little angel and I, she was falling asleep as I stroked her head. 🙂


After that, I have just been finishing off my contributions, replying to comments on the discussion board, reading some Key Readings and gathering quotes for the assignment, and catching up with friends on my breaks. Me and Katie were talking earlier and are a bit concerned about our other classmates who couldn’t come to Kenya with us, as none of us have heard from them. I think that we’re going to reach out to them and see how they’re doing, we really do wish they were here but I understand that isn’t always a possibility. Still, I want everyone to do well on this module regardless and I’ll do what I can to help that happen. 🙂

I have found it quite hard to concentrate at times today, I sometimes get a bit of sensory overload and combat that by sticking my headphones in, though because only one of them is working I haven’t been able to do that successfully. But it’s a lot quieter now so it’s easier to concentrate. I think my brain is a bit frazzled though and I am ready for the weekend to rest a bit. As it’s Friday, we’re thinking of getting a few drinks later and Katie is working on another quiz for us, so that’ll be a lot of fun! Hopefully it’ll be easier than the last, because I am not exaggerating when I say I am bad at quizzes. 😛

For now though, I will bid you all a wonderful afternoon! Next update on Monday.

Luca. 😊

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