24.01.2018 – Luca

Hello, hello, hello!

Today’s post may be a bit brief, but hopefully it’ll give you chance to rest your poor eyes from all of my ramblings! Equally, this is only the beginning so that presumption could change, we’ll see. 😛

I think I’ll start with the evening of the 23rd, the night after our second day of field work. To reward ourselves from all our hard work, we collectively agreed we’d have a nice relaxing evening celebrating our two days of fieldwork. I really had so much fun! We picked up some drinks on the way back from University after dinner from our favourite spot, The Treat House, and then returned to the accommodation. This was the first night we’d arrived back before 7pm, so it was nice to have additional time to kick our feet up. Whilst we had our drinks, we played Katie’s CM4K pub quiz. It was so fun, I had also predicted the order of winners would be our seating positions, and I was funnily right, haha! I am truly awful at quizzes, but got 21 out of 50 odd questions right (probably more, but I’ll say less to make myself feel better, haha). The winner, Angel, got 30, so I did far better than I’d expected and she had played before. Sam followed with 29, and Hafsah with 14. Originally when counting the points, Hafsah thought she only had 13, with 12 points from the Logo Round, and the other point from a question where the answer was Nairobi – which really cracked us! We laughed so hard Peter heard us from his room and through his earplugs. Nairobi is where our plane landed in Kenya, so we’d have been shocked if anyone got that question wrong! After that, we played some silly games and then all went to bed.

The plan for the following day was to spend it at the University editing the content we’d gathered from our two days of fieldwork. I had done the majority of mine the previous day, so I spent the majority of my time helping organise content into folders for one of my classmates who was unfortunately feeling poorly (get well soon, H). I also spent some time catching up on the discussion board and responding to posts, it felt good to be up to date. Just before lunch at around 2, I ended up coming back to the accommodation as I was feeling a bit poorly myself, I am very British and have sunburn, so I think I just needed some additional rest time. I got back and did some washing before then sleeping for around 4 hours. A bug got into my room though and scared the absolute life out of me (yes, I screamed, haha). I wouldn’t mind, but the type of insect it is has been haunting our group our entire trip here! I think it got into my room for revenge, and it worked. I’m currently hiding in my bed under my net, still alert for its return… Whatever species it is, I hope we can be civil and it’ll leave me alone now, please. 😛

Oh, and how could I forget to mention that before all of this once again we had an amazing breakfast! I had eggy bread and sausages, yum! We’d been fantasising on the bus the entire way to University about fry ups, and we were all so excited to have eggy bread! I think Pete was amused that we called it that, as he knew it as something different. Isn’t it funny how language changes between generations? It never fails to amuse me. 😛

Though I spent a lot of time resting, I did get all of the work I had planned to do done, and then some. In addition to my two blog posts about the fieldwork (the first 624 words, and the second 588) I wrote an additional 1,254-word critical reflection of how both days had gone! For anyone who knows me, you’ll know I am a very slow typer and that it takes me a while to write things out, so I’m proud that I had so much to say and got it done in just a short few hours. Goodness knows what I’ll put in my assignment for this module if I keep writing at this pace! After writing, my classmates were kind enough to bring me some fruit on their return which I ate for dinner as I am still feeling a bit poorly, and now I am writing this! However, it is getting on so I’m probably going to dim the lights and try to rest some more with a film I’ve been meaning to watch for ages called, My Week With Marylin. Here’s hoping it’s a good one! Have a great night, and as I silently expected… This blog post hasn’t been brief at all, whoops! Goodnight everyone!

Luca. 😊

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