Day 8

Fieldwork Day 2:

Today I had some bad news. No Weetabix.

After a disappointing start to the day I had little hope that the rest of the day would be any better. I was proved so wrong.

After breakfast we grouped in the classroom and Peter addressed the issues that we had highlighted last night. We started by having meetings in our individual groups so that the Brighton students could make sure that the Rongo students knew how to operate the equipment properly. It also gave us an opportunity to delegate positions within the groups so that everyone was clear on what their role was and most importantly felt valued within the CM4K project.

Super Market in Cham gi Wadu:

Beginning (Entering from Rongo University):

  • Long – 34, 36, 8
  • Lat – 0, -53, -38

End (Leaving towards Ongo Health Centre):

  • Long – 34, 36, 13
  • Lat – 0, -53, -39

The shopping centre is used for the community they sell goods like food including fish and have retail shops such as a salon and barbers. There is a hotel and safe places for people to stay. It’s an open market its very busy on weekends. Its used to trade between the communities.

Ongo Health Centre:

  • Long – 34, 36, 30
  • Lat – 0, -54, -36

We spoke to Lewis Evens Messe who is a manager at the health centre. They treat roughly 200 patients and have 3-4 in patients. They have antiviral treatment for HIV. The buildings are split into two wards maternity and In-patients. The building opened in 1985 as a dispensary and in 1996 (the year I was born) became a health centre. The telephone number of the centre is 0729303274.

Ongo Primary School:

  • Long – 34, 36, 28
  • Lat – 0, -54, -36

We were introduced to the deputy Kennedy Ochieng. He didn’t seem to know a lot about the school he worked at but what we could gather was that the school was opened in the 1980’s, it had roughly 360 students and 8 members of staff. They specialised in mainly academics.

Ongo 7th day Adventist Church:

  • Long – 34, 36, 29
  • Lat – 0, -54, -38

The church was closed but what the locals could tell us was that it was open for a Saturday service every day.

Kitere Primary School:

  • Long – 34, 36, 20
  • Lat – 0, -49, -29

The deputy head George Andhamo and senior teacher Madame Rosemary greeted us upon arrival. The chief was also there having a meeting with the community. We were introduced and welcomed and the left to go about the asset mapping work we were meant to do. We found out that there were approximately 650 students and 18 teachers, 5 males and the rest female. They pride themselves on the fact that they are ever expanding and always ready to accept new students.

We got back to the university at 3pm a much more reasonable time than yesterday. Everyone worked so efficiently and I’m so proud of the hard work that everyone put into today. It made everything run so smoothly.

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