The worst shower + Rusinga Island

Last night may possibly have been the worst shower that I have ever had. As per usual, I used Hafsah’s shower as my water doesn’t work and hers has very good pressure. However, yesterday the pressure seemed a bit weak, that should have been my first clue! I began showering anyway and the water carried on flowing. I turned the tap off whilst I shampooed, but when I turned it back on, no water came out – just my luck! I grabbed my towel and asked everyone outside if their water was working – it wasn’t. 10 minutes of panic went by and finally, Angel came out saying her water worked, so I jumped into her shower and water the shampoo out.


Today was our first ‘rest’ day, being Saturday and all. The alarm was still set at 8am though, as we had to get up, have breakfast and head off to Rusinga Island. The bus journey lasted around 2 hours, but it seemed to take an age. However, it was all worth it to return to the beauty of Lake Victoria. After taking photos with the Rongo students at the end of the pier a boat ride was organised for us. Whilst we were waiting for the boat to arrive, we stood around on the beach looking for shells and skimming stones. The boat journey was amazing! As it could hold 7 and there were only 5 of us, we asked Andres and Zerah if they would like to join, they were delighted! The trip was short, but it was such an incredible experience. Last year I spent the whole ride filming the others, so it was great to focus on experiencing Lake Victoria’s amazing coastline.



After our boat ride, Luca and Katie decided to go for a swim in the lake, I thought twice about it before deciding to stay on the side and take a few pictures for them. In hindsight, whilst sitting in the heat writing my blog, I wish I had joined them. I also saw a little Ingrid in the trees and got a great photo of it. We then bought a Tusker and waited for the Rongo students to finish their boat ride before jumping back on the bus and heading off home. Once again, the bus journey seemed to take forever. Thankfully I managed to fall asleep for a while, however, this was much to the amusement to the others as the bumpy road made me ‘ragdoll’ around.


It was great to finally get back to the university and be greeted by a fantastic dinner of meatballs!


Sam 🙂

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