Day 4 (Rest day and Editing)

Today Peter decided to give us the morning off which was great, I decided to use this time to get my hair done and work on my blogs. In the Afternoon we got into our groups and started working on our editing.

We had so much content in the audio group that I had to come up with a structure in which to organise it, because according to Lola, I am quite good at that. J. I had started working on it and realised that we needed some voice-overs on our podcasts so we as students needed to do some recording. I decided to write a script and we all got to work. I must mention that I am very proud of the students at Rongo. They are ever so willing to work. Very great work ethic to have, and that also made me very conscious of being idle.

Although I could hardly get any work done because they all wanted to work on my computer, which was also great, we all got to participate in collaborative learning.


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