Rongo, editting, session 2

So we have gathered pretty much all our data now. It has been a totally different experience than at KU, but still a fantastic one. Our audio team is such a hard working team and they seem to like editting which is a good thing. Everybody is getting stuck in. Today, I taught some students how to clear up a track and a basic steps of how to organise the editting process as it can be overwhelming. I mainly assisted students who needed help and worked on making a plan for our podcast so our ideas could flow. The structure is absolutely vital in order to have an idea of where the show is going. We have selected our hosts and they have been practicing the voice over. We can use th jingle we made at KU since it was fun and funky. Spreading responsibility across the team worked well, this enabled each person focus on their task and learn as they were doing the editting. Sometimes, I can get a big impatient as I just want to get the task done, but I refrain myself, and slowly guide the learner step by step until the job is completed. It is really rewarding when the student feels happy and smiles, when they have finally completed their task. That is  the best reward !  


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