Half day at Rongo

Today we had only half a day Rongo University as Peter had kindly given us the morning off to sleep in and relax a bit. After most of the group said that they would love to have a lie in, Elle and I were the only ones to take advantage of this on the day haha. Anyway the bus picked us up at 1pm and took as too the uni ready for lunch. After lunch we got together with the photography group where we looked at the photos that Elle and I had organised into folders of the ones we liked and the ones we didn’t. We did this in our own time as we thought it would be more productive if we had 100 photos each to present to the group rather than 800 each to go through and decide whether we liked them or not. We hooked the laptop up to the HD TV and flicked through them like that. The photos looked great on a big screen and made it much easier to decide based on image quality, framing etc. By the end of the day we had narrowed down to 60 photographs that we plan to use in the exhibition.

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