Editing Production

Two long days and nights getting together all of the footage – over nine hours in total – for roughly a 15 minute piece of work. The exhibition is coming up on Saturday so time was ticking to get the production done quickly. The first day of edit started 9am sharp at the university and followed us back to the Hostel until we crashed around 5am, so a pretty long session, for us to then carry on the following day.

The Friday night Amos, a worker at our hostel saved our backsides with the editing; we had footage spoke in Kikuyu, a tribal language that isn’t so common. He aided me with the translation for the subtitles late into the night prepped for the morning. While this was happening Oscar worked away on the drama side of the production which is turning out ace.

One comment on “Editing Production

  1. Wow Lewes, sounds like you and Oscar worked really hard! well done you guys. Your approach to the project sounds so interesting and different to anything I’d heard before. I’ve just watched the video and the powerful message it portrays is amazing. With the use of the intense sounds and blurring of voices it makes a very emotional performance and captures the feelings from both the girl and the opposition of her family. What I think was also really impressive was the way you filmed it as if it was from the girls perspective when people are speaking to her, it made it feel so real and as if you were experiencing it with her. This is what I love about community media as you really can do anything with it and you can be creative making it into a really memorable piece of media which can really inspire change. Congrats 🙂

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