Day Five

Today we had a bit of a lie in as we had finished selecting the final images for the exhibition which was later today held at Alliance Francoise. We drove to a market with the exception of Lewes and Oscar who had to stay behind to finish their video project so it was just all the girls. We bought some nice gifts for people from a stall owned by a woman called Pumpkin and then stopped off on the way back to a nice viewpoint to take some photos.


(Above:  Kej, Angelica and Rufus at the market)


(Above: Viewpoint of Nairobi) 

We picked the others up and then went to the exhibition where the photos had already been displayed. The photography group (Me, Angelica and Lana) were a bit disappointed because the images weren’t very good quality, there were some missing and they were not laid out with the quotes which was the point of the exhibition. But the images themselves were very good and I was happy that I got some images in the exhibition. It was quite fun and lots of photos were taken with everyone as this would be the last time we saw them all. We went back to the guesthouse and had a few drinks to celebrate, but not too many as we had a long journey to Rongo the next day.


(Above: Some of the final images at the exhibition)

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