Arrival in Kenya

After a very long sleepless night of travelling to Heathrow on the coach, followed by a flight to Zurich and then an additional 8-hour leg to Kenya. We finally arrived in Nairobi last night to be greeted by our guide Rufus who picked us up from the airport and took us back to our hostel (Nairobi Airport Stopover Guesthouse) about a 15-minute drive away. When we arrived to our hostel we were welcomed by the friendly staff there, who then showed us to our dorm, a very sweet little yellow out-house hidden amongst the Mango trees. For the rest of the evening we relaxed at the hostel, and got a good nights sleep in before we explored Nairobi today.

This morning we got up got, showered and had breakfast before Rufus picked us up and took us for a little drive around Nairobi City Centre where we went to the supermarket to get a few supplies and then to Galleria where we had a late lunch.  Nairobi is a very bright, busy and colourful city, with many kiosks and fruit stalls surrounding the roads. Everywhere you look there is lush greenery, enormous jurassic-looking birds and happy locals walking the streets. Tomorrow is our first day starting the workshops at Kenyatta University, so tonight I think we will have quite an early one so that are ready for a full on day tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to seeing the University and meeting the guys who we will be working with for the next 4 days. 🙂

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