Well, we leave for Kenya tomorrow morning. I’m in high spirits now, and really excited. I have done all the last minute things, and bought all the necessities. I’ve even done loads of research on currency rates and prices of things over there. I was very comfortable to find that it is a bit like Nigeria, like our telecommunication companies are the same, and our banks. My bank is the same as in Kenya, so I don’t have a worry about bringing a load of pounds with me to exchange.

I have also read through some of the blogs, and It seems quite exciting, so I am excited. I was a bit homesick before, but I’m ok now after speaking to my aunt, who encouraged me to have a good time and make the most of it.

Oh yeah, and I finally made my target for my Just Giving page before leaving which is great.

So now, I’ve only got to pack and make the coach on time tomorrow morning at 1:30am.

See you all at Heathrow tomorrow my people, and some at pool valley coach station. Get excited!!!

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