Day 13, 31st – Departure day


Today was the day I left the group and waved them off into the early morning sunrise, ok maybe a few hours after sunrise, but the sun was shining and they were leaving on a coach. I wont go on about my travels home, but instead I will reflect on the trip.

This trip has been the trip of a lifetime, I can safely say you will never get this many experiences crammed into such a short amount of time!

As I mentioned at the start of my blogs a few weeks ago, Kenya and its people have blown me away! The energy of this amazing country is something that everyone should feel! This country should not be overlooked, it terms of this position in Africa and the world! I feel that the country no longer needs just aid or even services from other nations, yet this country needs to offer its services and its people’s knowledge! I feel Kenya may not know it yet, but it has a lot to offer, more than just minerals and tourism, but its culture of rich diversity, kindness and passion! Ok, I could win honorary citizenship if the president read this blog, but what’s the point in seeing the negative, which may I add is so often mentioned when talking about Kenya and its continent. I will be back to Kenya as soon as I can, hopefully to carry on this wonderful work, of shared knowledge, communication and development.

Moreover, I would like to thank all the different institution’s, charities and individual’s that we have worked with over the last few weeks! If it were not for their generosity and willingness this trip would not have been the same!

Finally, it comes without mention that this trip would not have been possible if it was not for our teacher DR. Peter Day. Moreover this shared experience that has integrated two Kenyan Universities, local charities, the Kenyan National Youth Council and the University of Brighton would not have been possible without the effort put in by Peter. I sure I can speak on behalf of all those listed above and past students from this course in thanking you for all your work. Again I’m not looking for honorary citizenship or in this case a degree, but I’m sure everyone would agree with me that your effort is next to none.

Spencer Curtin – 2015.

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