Stories of our cities

On Sunday we went to a place called Ruaraka in the outskirts of Nairobi. I do not think any of us was prepared for it. Ruaraka is a very poor area of dense slums. We held our photography street exhibition Stories of Our Cities there. At first people mainly children started gathering around us looking at the photographs with curiosity. However, at some point we were surrounded by adults asking us for money and telling us how hungry they are. They were wondering how exactly we were helping them with that exhibition. Later on we discussed that maybe that particular area was not the best place to hold an exhibition of the sort. By the end of it we felt very uncomfortable being there. We got to meet Fred, Eric and Victor who invited us to take part of the exhibition. They were very kind and helpful and did some amazing work for organising the whole thing. During the day I became a temporal member of the audio group and helped the guys to record a few interviews. I also made two new friends. Two little incredibly cute girls insisted on holding my hands the whole time.

Unfortunately, we did not get to attend the second part of the exhibition which consisted of us reflecting on our experience. We will probably do it at some point in the future through a Skype conversation.

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