Stories From Our Cities Street Exhibition

Kept sleeping for merely 4-5 hours everyday since we arrived Nairbo, last night was the first night having a 8 hours sleep. Have myself fully recharged, we then head off to the street exhibition for stories from our cities. In the exhibition, few random Kenyan residents came over and asked me what am I doing there. So basically I had a little chat with them about the stories from our cities. Later on, I have engaged in two short interviews with Eric and Abdi about their photos posted on the exhibition. I carried on having a dialogue with Eric afterwards. In the conversation, I can feel his passion for photography and films production. Besides, I found it quite funny cause whoever started talking with me, when they acknowledge that I come from Hong Kong, the first question they asked me is always ‘Is Hong Kong a country or a city/ Is it under China?’ Most of them really curious about my home country. Communicating with people, introducing Hong Kong and asking them stuff around Kenya should be what we called ‘Cultural Exchange’. Feel like Hong Kong isn’t as famous as our citizen thought we are, as another part of the world doesn’t really know what’s actually out there and is under control by whom.

Finishing the exhibition with a soda drink and a photo shot at last, we passed through Victor’s (our driver’s) house, had a little visit and then continue our way back to the living place. That’s pretty much all for today!

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