Apologies fort late blogs, no internet until 30 seconds ago;

Today was our last workshop, running late, starting late and everyone generally being late did not make it a good start.

Initially me and Charlie thought that our group understood the task at hand and we were confident about the interviews shot and the final result as a whole. Unfortunately after an hour and a half our group was yet to even open the editing programme. We left for a break , came back and we were presented with  a 30 second clip accompanied by Ed Sheeran – Lego house as a ‘soundtrack’ .  We told them the video was to be about a community media centre and to include the interviews..and when they weren’t looking deleted Ed Sheeran.  2 hours later me and Charlie were panicing- hastily editing our own video as our group had decided to stop everything in order to re-name every single individual video file and I could still hear Ed Sheeran, thanks for that Ed.

Later on we realised our group had decided to abandon us, and had made someone else we hadnt in the 3 days we’d been there edit their video for them…We ended up presenting two separate videos.
It was a very frustrating day, but both videos kind of worked well together and we managed to get through it and NOT laugh when the Sheeran montage happened.

On a plus note every single person was absolutely lovely and we’ve all added each other  on  facebook, we’ve made some friends for life here J

I HATE Ed Sheeran.


“they should put cars on tracks…oh, wait that’s called a train”


Today we travelled to Focus initiative in Rerue for Japata day! Focus Initative is in some ways a youth club/school/day time orphanage for the local village kids. They get fed there once a day and can have somewhere safe to be and learn, grow and make friends.  This was quite a contrast from the orphanage we saw the other day, friendlier and a nicer atmosphere

The kids (like the ones from the orphanage in Ngong) were so thrilled to play with our cameras, they were photographing, filming and begging us to take photos of them.  Genuinely having so much fun and we were afraid we were going to have to give our (potential) degrees to them.

We spent the morning being taught how to make Japatas in a VERY HOT and cramped kitchen, as usual everyone was so welcoming and friendly, especially Chris and his GORGEOUS daughter:


Before dinner we all went outside the gate and played some traditional African ice breakers in a HUGE circle, there was dancing and a lot of singing.

The food  (when ready, Kenyan time) looked and smelt so nice but unfortunately for some reason someone decided to show me the goat they were about to slaughter for dinner…I only asked him to unwrap my lollypop (I couldn’t do it) and what I got was  “Ill show you something cool” and I was excited but the harsh gritty reality was a soon-to-be-dead-goat.

IMG_0138 IMG_0140
My absolute favourite part was putting on music in the classroom and dancing with everyone. Someone tried to teach us how to dougie. It didn’t go well.

IMG_0142 IMG_0148 Orphanage kid

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