Chapatti Day

Today we visited the Focus Initiative at Ruiru. The Focus Initiative is a daytime orphanage/youth centre where children can stay over the day, study and interact with other children. The moment we arrived, one of the girls came straight to me and asked me to be her friend. Her name was Evelyn and we are now friends forever. We made Chapatti ( I am basically a chapatti chef now ), played games with the kids and had a look around. The children were absolutely fascinated with our cameras and mobile phones, they were running around taking selfies and filming each other. Most of us ( not only the girls ) ended up with plaits in their hairs. We also played Kenyan ice breaker games in the garden, we were all in a circle clapping our hands … for some reason ( I really did not get that ) but everyone was laughing so it was quite entertaining. Later in the afternoon around 3pm we had lunch…Kenyan lunch time, we ate all the chapatti we cooked earlier in the day and they were incredible! After lunch we had a meeting with media students from Zetech University discussing the similarities and differences between our courses.

As a whole we spent the day playing with the kids, sunbathing and meeting some really nice students. It was a bit sad to meet all those children and see the conditions they were living in but the smiles on their faces and the curiosity they were full of made me as happy as they were.

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