Today was a random one. Hoisted onto the bus with our convinct bus driver Victor and his FANTASTIC taste in 80’s music we headed to Kenyatta, get some filming done, eat and then all go to Ngong together on a giant bus.

IMG_0214[1]This was the best journey by far, getting to know the students of Kenyatta and exchanging stories. Alongside this we also got to see some of the scenery and had our first glimpses of the poor-er areas.

We arrived at a place in Ngong that was a bit random. We were ushered off of the bus and into a place that was colourful, had a swimming pool and all kinds of music playing. One minute I was pointing at a chicken, the next I was sat in a heavily paper decorated room, with a man at the front giving a motivational speech half in English and Half in Swahili, this is where things got confusing. When he spoke in English I understood, then he switched to Swahili and back to English where the topic had changed and I was lost again. Regardless it was a surreal experience, especially when I realised there was music in the background which I’m 90% sure was Aqua on repeat with an added soundtrack of a baby laughing, a rooster and fair ground rides. You can’t make this up.

This ran quite late and as we approached the primary school all of the kids were filing out and going home. We were really upset we missed it, but by some luck 6 of us (Me, Dan, Miheala, Alex, Charlie and Boyana) got the chance to head to a childrens home, not many people are let in there or allowed to take photos, we were lucky. Our projects were based around poverty and the gap between the rich and poor so we headed off to ‘quickly’ interview the owners.


We didn’t know what to expect but we were definitely lost for words and got a bit emotional. These children have been abused and abandoned and those at the Faraja children’s home strive to give them a better life, regardless of conditions. These kids were just happy to have a roof over their head and somewhere safe to be. Regardless of what awful things
have happened to them they still smiled and posed like mad for pictures, alongside absolutely going crazy when we gave
them our phones and cameras to play with.

IMG_0338[1]After that emotional journey and leaving the orphanage a thankyou note for their amazing opportunity and hospitality, we headed for gong hills with everyone to watch the sunrise, which was incredible. No photo could ever justify that view. No one could ever justify the madness of Bus drivers over here, the dedication to getting somewhere… an English bus driver would take one look at that road and hill to get to gong and be like “sod this im off for a pint”.

IMG_0333[1] IMG_0337[1] 10329171_10203428736654366_6131476483320686158_n

“ay you know your seats a chair right?” (Spencer, C. 2015)


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