more challenges

So, after yesterday’s challenges, once again Emily and I were faced with many more. This time mostly technical.  To begin with, we discovered a compatibility issue with the editing software and recording equipment.  Our participants had to record their content five times as the microphones failed to recognise/save any work. This became embarrassing for us; we had to deal with this by way of apology and trying our best to maintain a sense of humour with a ‘can-do’ attitude, jesting with the guys that they’d face just the same – if not more – if they were on a big budget film set; cuts, re-takes and headaches in order to reach some kind of perfection (clutching at straws but it raised a smile nonetheless!).

One notable memory I have is when feeling tremendously disappointed and upset with our circumstances and accountable for its failing, especially when one of the participants – Kevin – eagerly ready with pen and notepad anticipated to write what we were about to demonstrate, only to be once again faced with confusion from Emily and I at another glitch.  I couldn’t help but feel that he must have felt over promised and so under delivered.

Due to time restrictions, we couldn’t edit the material at the workshop with the participants.  A decision was made to set a task for the both us – the facilitators, and participants, to take home the audio clip and edit it separately (the participants would be given audacity and soundcloud guidance with the manuals that were produced before the trip). We would then both post our finished product onto the collective blog to make comparisons, however, not of a competitive nature but more so a comparison of style preference.   Emily and I got to work as soon as we got back to camp. Yet again, clarity came through from painful episodes of trial and error; we were still finding out techniques and solutions long into the night. But alas, we managed to pull together a tidy final version complete with music and without errors.  We’ve given the participants until Tuesday to ideally have their content up the collective blog…. given the problematic issues of internet connection, we might have to hold back a little longer.

Out of today came an awful lot of embarrassment, notes to self that this was a learning process and that some of the best learning comes out of making mistakes and being faced with nasty challenges.  I learnt some fascinating narratives about the division of the Massai region – which resulted in one side motivated and governed by capitalist ideology and the other, more socialist and its consequences.  I grant our hosts and participants total admiration for their story telling and informative minds, I think we’ve all learnt so much about the Kenyan culture. 

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